Monday, March 5, 2018

When I'm Dead And Gone, My Vibrations Will Live On: An Appreciation Of The Wonderful And Frightening Mark E. Smith

Today would have been Mark E. Smith's 61st birthday.  He died on January 24th, 2018 -- almost a year after the BBC mistakenly reported his death. Forty of his 60 years were spent making music with The Fall, and with a range of collaborators.  Mark E. Smith leaves behind a massive discography.  The scope of his influence on the last four decades of popular music is unmeasurable.  

At least nine books have been written about Mark E. Smith and The Fall. There's not much I can add to those tomes, or the numerous tributes that have been published in the past six weeks. Instead I have compiled some (but not all!) of the songs that have been written about MES and the group. How many songs are about your favorite band or singer? 

(MES subway graffiti image:  Tracklist and DL link in comments.)


  1. 01 Southern Mark Smith - THE JAZZ BUTCHER
    02 Mark E. Smith And Brix - BARBARA MANNING
    03 Stalking Mark E. Smith Around NYC - NECROPOLIS
    04 Mark E. Smith - SHRAG
    05 How He Wrote Elastica Man - ELASTICA
    06 Implement Yeah! - SUEDE
    07 I Am Mark E. Smith - FAT WHITE FAMILY
    08 Cats That Look Like M.E.S. - LUKE HAINES
    09 Rip Off The Fall - MARK WYNN
    10 Lou Reed - DIDJITS
    11 Jumper Clown - THE WEDDING PRESENT
    12 Me And Yer Granny On Bongos - THE ARMITAGE SHANKS
    13 The Ex-Members Of The Fall Club - THE CONTAINER DRIVERS
    14 The Story Of The Fall - JEFFERY LEWIS
    15 I've Never Been Hit By Mark E. Smith - I, LUDICROUS
    16 Drudge Nation - WHERE'S THE BEACH
    17 Fallen - MICHAELA MELIAN
    18 Frank's Indie Medley - FRANK SIDEBOTTOM
    19 Southern Mark Smith (Big Return) - THE JAZZ BUTCHER
    20 Bingo Master's Breakout - TERRY EDWARDS
    21 The Dice Man - TERRY EDWARDS
    22 Totally Wired - TERRY EDWARDS
    23 Container Drivers - TERRY EDWARDS

  2. Wow, very cool all the Fall related posts...thaks Jonder!