Monday, September 16, 2019

Stinky Returns!

My pal Stinky noticed the lack of recent activity hereabouts, and came to the rescue with a new Homemade Record, plus a San Francisco treat from The Rubinoos! The theme of Stinky's latest collection (and its title) is Songs That Start With The Chorus. Employing the inverse of the standard verse-chorus-verse format, we have here 19 songs from various genres of popular music. Many of them were big hits. It's an interesting exercise for the mind: how many songs can you think of that put the chorus before the first verse?

Stinky knows that I am a fan of Bay Area music from the 70's and 80's. Mythkoz recently called me "the Frisco Underground's greatest defender" (ha!), and he has recently posted more great SF punk from The Saucers, The Allies, The Hitmakers (ex-Dils), and The Insults. Berkeley's power pop pioneers The Rubinoos recently reunited for a new album called From Home, with the help of fellow SF musician Chuck Prophet. Mr. Prophet is a long time admirer of The Rubinoos (as is Jonathan Richman, who recently wrote this reminiscence of his times in the company of Jon Rubin's group).  

Stinky sez: "This is from a YouTube Video shot by a guy (whom I don't know) named SPAZ. I edited and tweaked it a bit, and designed some artwork for it." It's seven songs (new and old) performed live during a recent instore appearance at Amoeba Records in The Rubinoos' hometown of Berkeley.  From Home is a true homecoming: it was even recorded at the same studio (Hyde Street) where The Rubinoos cut their first single as teenagers back in 1975. A tip of the hat once again to Stinky for these contributions!


  1. Songs That Start With The Chorus:
    The Rubinoos Live at Amoeba 2019:

  2. thanks Yonder! I'm still buzzin' from the local Agent Orange show last night

  3. Thank you, Jonder - and Stinky, too!