Wednesday, March 7, 2018


A couple of years ago, I made a compilation of songs that remind me of The Fall. I could update it (to add Protomartyr, for example) but I think it still sounds good as a mix.

I could have made a playlist of low-fi bands with cheap guitars and singers who don't sing. Some here fit that bill. But that wasn't my intention, nor was it to accuse these artists of being derivative. Many are favorites of mine. 

Some of the groups were early contemporaries of The Fall (Scars, the Mekons, and the Nightingales).  Some have made it known that they are Fall fans (Deerhunter, the Yummy Fur, the Membranes, Prolapse, the In Out).

A few (like Mother And The Addicts and the Leaving Trains) didn't make any other music that sounds like The Fall. These songs might be tributes, pisstakes, or simple thievery. "Suicide Blues", for example, nicks the beat from "The NWRA". 

Certain resemblances may be unintentional, or might only exist in my mind. Pond may have invited an inebriated street person to warble semi-coherently over one of their tracks, but couldn't that scenario describe some of Mark E. Smith's appearances on other artists' records? Lungfish doesn't really sound like The Fall, but their song employs grotesque and visionary lyricism as well as "the three R's" of The Fall: repetition, repetition, repetition.   


  1. 01 THE LEAVING TRAINS: Suicide Blues
    02 JOCK SCOT WITH THE NECTARINE No.9: Tape Your Head On
    03 EARL BRUTUS: Navyhead
    04 PROLAPSE: Deanshanger
    05 GIRLS AGAINST BOYS: Bullet Proof Cupid
    06 SOUL COUGHING: St. Louise Is Listening
    07 LIFTER PULLER: Manpark
    08 LUNGFISH: The Words
    09 POND: Hobo Rocket
    10 IKARA COLT: Panic
    11 THE IN OUT: Death By Molasses
    12 THE BEATNIK FILMSTARS: New Boyfriend And Black Suit
    13 MOTHER AND THE ADDICTS: All In The Mind
    14 THE MEKONS: Poxy Lips
    15 DEERHUNTER: Tree Spies
    16 PUSSY GALORE: Alright
    17 GORKY'S ZYGOTIC MYNCI: Siwt Nofio
    18 BEACHBUGGY: Heavy Hitter
    19 THE MEMBRANES: High Street Yanks
    20 THE YUMMY FUR: Roxy Girls
    21 SCARS: Adult/ery

    1. Hi Jonder - gotta say, as a longtime Fall fan, I'm loving this sound-alike comp! Do you have any more Beachbuggy? Been trying to track down some of their albums/stuff, but it's annoyingly hard to find!

      Keep up the great work!

      All the best to you from Pee-Pee Soaked Heckhole

    2. I do have some more Beachbuggy! I was turned on to them by a now-defunct music blog called Mystical Beast. They were a great band with two drummers and a singer named Jack Straker who had a Pixies fixation. There's a Beachbuggy song called "Touch My Stuff" inspired by one of the Black Francis comments that Steve Albini recorded during the Surfer Rosa sessions. I'm glad you are enjoying my compilation. I have your email address, so I will send some Beachbuggy your way.

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    1. Thanks for the encouragement, J. I wrote a music blog years ago. Starting over is a bit strange. I'm glad you stopped by!

  3. If you ever update this compilation I will keep my ears open for relevant songs, the song 'Sucker' by Wedding Present comes to mind off the top of my head.
    The blog looks good and thanks for the compilations, @Timebender.

  4. Thank you, Nathan and Timebender... I will check out "Sucker"!

  5. Nice to see you here with your own blog. Good luck.

  6. Here are a few potential Fall-Like prospects just in case
    you may ever need them from @Timebender.

    1. Thanks for those, Timebender! Urusei Yatsura was completely unknown to me until you introduced them over at the Twilight Zone.

  7. stop by for the fall will be back all good hanx