Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Stinky Le Pew Has A Mixtape For You!

Hector, Buck Naked, and Stinky LePew
If you frequent the Twilight Zone blog, you may be familiar with Stinky and his masterful mixtapes, which often involve inventive themes. Stinky and I bonded over our mutual fondness for the music of Pearl Harbour, and his nom de blog is a tribute to the guitarist from Buck Naked and The Bare Bottom Boys (who backed Pearl on her last album).

Stinky graciously accepted my invitation to share one of his creations on this blog. Sound Effects Records No.1 features 22 songs that incorporate sound effects. Engines roar, thunder booms, crowds cheer, and coins clatter. 

If someone challenged you to make a playlist of songs that contain sound effects, you might come up with some of the more popular selections on this mix, but I guarantee that you wouldn't think of all of them! From girl groups to glam, golden oldies to New Romantics, skinheads to metalheads ... There's a method to Stinky's musical madness, and the message of this mix is that sound effects add a special touch to an eclectic range of tunes. He's promised me that Sound Effects Records No.2 is on the way. Merci beaucoup, Monsieur Le Pew!



  1. Sound Effects Records No.1:
    Another Stinky Production

  2. Yeahjah! Now we're cooking with gas!!! (As R.L. Burnside--true delta bluesman--used to say at the few shows I saw him when he was alive)

  3. Replies
    1. Absolutely. In the immortal words of Tenacious D, "Put some stink on it!"

  4. Saw Buck & the Boys many times at both Marsugi's & The Cactus Club in San Jose back in the day. We even did an EAT POOP! show with those Bare Bottoms. This seems like it'll be fantastic. Downloading now. Kudos, brother

  5. I'm jealous, my friends - one of you saw R.L. Burnside, and another saw Buck Naked & the Bare Bottom Boys! I hope y'all enjoy the mix.

  6. Loved Buck Naked and the Bare Bottom Boys, saw them many times in San Francisco. What can you say about RL Burnside!? "Well, well, well..."One of the best! Glad i caught him a number of times too. Thanks for sharing your work. I truly enjoy your mixes

  7. Glad this sound offering is still up; I missed it, the first time 'round. Thanks, both of you - cheers!