Thursday, January 31, 2019

Happy Memories Can Leave A Bitter Taste

Send me an angel (or a vampire)
Curse the self-copulation of these lousy blog compilations! Just one more, I promise, and then I'll write about something other than The Fall. Last year I shared a collection of tribute songs and two sets of Fall covers. Today I've got more of both.

Praise be to Montysmusic, a prolific contributor to the Twilight Zone and an exceptional internet sleuth.  For it was he who found several of the tracks contained herein, which had long eluded me. 

I'm still looking for these three songs:

The Steak Place by Nothing Painted Blue (from the Gold Kiss Gala comp on Dark Beloved Cloud; 

I'm Frank by Pop And The Clingwrap Killers (from a digital EP of cover songs called Misandry Drop Dead); and

Old Friends by Wild Pumpkins At Midnight (a song about going to see The Fall, from the Sending A Vampire EP).

I strongly recommend purchasing 13 Fall Songs, the new CD by Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts. Despite the disclaimer ("Live + Lo-Fi + Lacking Rehearsal!"), it's impressively well done, and the songs are chosen from all phases of The Fall's career. My copy came autographed by Mr. Lewis, with a cute little drawing on the package. Clearly a labor of love for Lewis, a longstanding fan of The Fall.

I also highly recommend that you buy the digital tribute Look, Know by The Hannah Barberas, as the price of your purchase will be donated to a cancer support organization.

The long-rumored reissue of The Fall's album Bend Sinister has been announced by Beggars Banquet for release in March.  It's a deluxe two disc affair, remastered and with bonus tracks from singles, the obligatory Peel Session, and five previously unreleased alternate takes. I get my wish for new Fall songs after all!


  1. Fall covers and tribute songs (vol. 3):

    Previous volumes still available: - Noise Resounds Aloud (Fall covers vol. 1) - One More Time For The Record (Fall covers vol. 2) - Fall tribute songs

    I am aware that "Rude All The Time" is an Ed Blaney original first recorded by his band Trigger Happy, just as Brix wrote "One More Time For The Record" before joining The Fall.

  2. If you are willing to share "The Steak Place", "I'm Frank" or "Old Friends", please send them to manyjars at gmail dotcom. Thanks!

    Once again, cheers to Montysmusic, who scoured the internet on my behalf for Fall covers!

  3. Thanks again jonder!
    never too much Fall coverage
    - Timebender